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Back along Mr Tanaka came back with a new kifu sized white pine.

The tree is setsu-goyo/grafted on to black pine base which many of us are familiar with being as many are exported around the world. Favored for their strength and size. This one however is very old, older than many you see and sets it apart some what. 

This tree also belonged to a famous collecter and customer who has since passed, Mr Ryoji Fukui. A  customer of shokuji-en(Ishi-San), formally residing in Nagoya and now Inazawa, it was the most famous nursery in Nagoya. Shokuji-en is famous for shohin bonsai and  Fukui-San was a shohin collector but, also had some very nice big tree’s.

There is a published book of Fukui-San’s tree’s but, this tree does not feature in it. The book contains many we’ll known tree’s including Kokufu winner’s.

I set about working the tree according to Mr Tanaka’s instructions with a slight front change. I had remove a branch at the front to show the trunk. 

It had been some time since the tree had been worked, was leggy and really needed a structure set. The tree also could do with a slight tilting to the right and in the future a more suitable pot change to show the real power of the tree. I look forward to seeing the pot selection Mr Tananka chooses and how much it will change feel of the tree in the near future.


Pint sized

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Japan
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Recently whilst emailing a good friend, the subject turned to shohin bonsai and what tree’s were here at Aichi-en. Aichi-en isn’t known for it’s shohin bonsai like some nurseries, which specialise on them. Even though Aichi-en have more bigger tree’s, it has a good mixture of all sizes. I had a walk about the nursery this morning and grabbed a few pic’s which, I sent to my friend. I thought I’d share them here as well. These tree’s range from shohin to slightly larger kifu size.

Thanks for reading.