Odd’ball’ red pine

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Aichi-en tree's, Bonsai, Japan
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I just thought I’d share a red pine tree that resides here at Aichi-en as I did some maintenance on it (pulling needles, reducing the shoot’s to two and thinning), plus it is a hard to get a decent picture of it where it is positioned at the nursery.

This tree I find, has a good feeling for me and is a personal favourite, although it’s hard to choose here.

It in fact technically, has an obvious ‘rule’ fault but, I don’t think takes anything away from it. Rather, I think it adds to its character.


Close up of the shari

Close up of the shari

The tree is a collected/yamadori from Japan, originally bought by Oyakata’s father.

The branches have raised a bit and it could do with some wiring to show it off to its true potentially but, it was just maintenance for now, as it is that time of year.

Here’s the technical ‘fault’ close up.


Obviously it has inverse taper, normally considered a big no-no in bonsai styling. If we were to imagine the tree without this ball, it still would be a nice tree but, it would lose some of its uniqueness. It would look a lot more like every other tree and which one would you be more likely to remember?

Being a kind of bunjingi/literati style, there is much more freedom to have a crazier slightly odd/different styling, at least that’s my Oyakata’s style. It can be in any aspect and is something to consider when making a tree and could well be the difference between making a good tree or a great one. For example the ball could be hidden with some foliage. Personally I feel that wouldn’t be right and it is a feature that should be exposed.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Frank says:

    I agree it is “more”because of the fault and would be “less” without it!

  2. rltoscano says:

    What a different and wonderful tree. It’s really unique.

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