The one eared Aardvark?!?…

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Aichi-en tree's, Bonsai, Bonsai styling, Japan
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A little while ago I was given this shimpaku/Chinese juniper to wire. Instructions were to do no major changes (like angle changes etc) as it was probably going for a quick resell at auction this month.

The main branches didn’t hardly needed wiring it was just a case of cleaning the pads out, wiring them and trimming back where needed.

This was the tree after work.


I tried to style the tree with lot’s of small pads, making larger pads, Instead of just large pads because the tree had a bunjingi/literati feel to it and I thought this would help to enhance this. Otherwise I felt the pads might make the tree look a little heavy. This isn’t usually the way we do it here, normally we style most tree’s with larger pads. Larger pads have a tendency to make a tree look powerful, where as lots of small pads (as they do in my Oyakata’s apprenticeship nursery, Daiju-en) make a tree look a little more delicate and detailed. Really it comes down to taste and different nurseries have different ways of doing it. There are many small details like this that set nurseries and their tree’s apart.
I think it was ok to do, as nothing was said. One of my Senpai seemed to like it anyway and asked for a price, kind of made my day.

And finally yours truly for scale..


I almost forgot.. The reason for the title.. Well I don’t know if it is just the cold, apprenticeship taking its toll, my vivid imagination or what but, it’s what I could see anyway…


Thanks for reading.

  1. Frank says:

    Imagination is the basis for all art!!!

  2. Shah says:

    Beautiful tree and great work !

  3. Dave Martin says:

    Just getting better and better, John!

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