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Posted: July 8, 2013 in Bonsai Pot's, Japan
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Here is a group of shohin/mame pots made by Takao Koyo which are here, at Aichi-en. I like Takao Koyo and I thought I’d post them here. They are well made Japanese pots, good quality and a reasonable price.

A nice yellow pot would go well with many deciduous species and would give added interest in a shohin display. 12.3cm in length and 3.5cm depth (external).


A nice cream pot and a very versatile colour. 12.2cm long 3.2cm deep.


A group or root over rock pot. Would go well with a trident maple/kaede. 18.2cm long and 1.9cm deep.


A mame green pot. 8.5cm long and 3.3cm deep.


A round grey crackle mame/small accent pot. 5.3cm across and 2.3/2.4 deep.


A couple of group shot’s.



Oyakata is selling the group for $600 which, sounds pretty good to me. I don’t expect they will hang around long at that price.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Reblogged this on Bonsai-Passion and commented:
    Thanks John.

  2. Petit-arbre says:

    Beautiful pots from Takao Koyo. How and where to find this pots ?

    Like the yellow one ! Remembered me the yellow from Stone Monkey Ceramics

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