Glamourous life of a deshi..

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Japan, Tree maintenance
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Well it’s not all kokufu tree’s & green tea and yesterday was preparing fertilising day. We use rapeseed here because it’s cheap and Oyakata buys it straight from where it is pressed, cutting out the middle man. The job of the apprentices is to load a spoon full of the rapeseed into tea bags then fold the end to seal it in. With two people it’s very quick.

We did eight trays in total which, was twenty short of three thousand tea bags. It sounds bad and a boring job but, it was kind of relaxing in a way. Once you get your head down and get on with it time flies by. That will do for one fertilising anyway.

We started to place the bags on today once we had some more bamboo sticks. Depending on the size of tree we put more or less bags. Up to six.


Thanks for reading.

  1. Mark R Cooper says:

    Hi John Well you can’t say you don’t have patients. Good practice and good to see mentioned. Ritta

  2. Frank says:

    Tea boy eh?

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