Waging War

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Japan, Tree maintenance
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Well the day started off pretty normally, till I just started to work (de-needling/trimming a pine) and then it was decided that we were to spray the tree’s this morning (that’s the cool thing here you never know what the day will be like exactly). I say we, it was down to me and Peter. Everything was sprayed from the garden trees to the accent plants. Here’s a picture of the setup.

The setup

The setup

It’s a simple setup of a petrol (gas) pump, a hose and a vat full of potions mixed with water. Their were three components to the mixture, a fungicide (daconil), a pesticide (no idea what exactly) and a kind of soap designed for the job. The aim is mostly to kill aphids and spider mites at this time of the year. Peter told me at different times of the year, different chemicals are used for different pests.
Thip’s are a big nuisance here. When a de-leafed deciduous tree has got its second fresh new leaves in the summer they are very susceptible to thrips and if they get attacked badly the tree will be stalled for the rest of the year.

Peter spaying

Peter spaying


My job consisted of navigating the hose (making sure it didn’t get tangled or caught up and that there was plenty of slack) round the garden. We went from north to south, up and down the aisle’s, doing both sides of each tree. It took two drum full’s (I think their 10 gallon but, I could be mistaken) and pretty much the whole morning.

Back home we are lucky enough not to have such aggressive insect attacks and we can get away with more spray on sight policy. So it’s more of occasional skirmishes rather than full on warfare. On the other hand our growing season/lack of summer (that’s when you get lots of sun and warmth, for anyone back home if they can’t remember) means the tree’s don’t grow so well. Win some.. lose some.. I guess…

By the way we the last few day’s have had highs of twenty-two degrees centigrade and fifteen at night if anyone was wondering back home.

Thanks for reading.


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