My second purchase… or was it?

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Bonsai Auction, Bonsai Pot's
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As I mentioned yesterday Oyakata kindly bid on a lot at the auction for me and won it. I think it was a close run thing because the seller pushed the price up and I think he wanted more. Oyakata stuck with my maximum bid and an agreement was made at that price.

The item I won is a chuhin size Suzuki Syuzan pot which is a Japanese, fairly modern pot maker. Syuzan is a very high quality pot maker who made pots in Nagoya. For that reason I thought it would be fitting to buy one as a momento of my trip to Aichi-en. The pots are considered such high quality that they are used along with Chinese antiques in Kokufu. For more information about Syuzan pots please refur to Peter Tea’s and Ryan Bell’s website’s.

Some nice patina on the pot.

Some nice patina on the pot.




The chop

The chop

Well this isn’t actually my second purchase because when I came to pay Oyakata this morning he said that the first pot was a gift and I only had to pay the difference. Which was very kind of him and I’m very grateful. He’s a great guy, I feel very lucky to be here at this nursery and it only makes me hope more that I can get a position here at Aichi-en.

Thanks for reading.


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