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Posted: April 7, 2013 in Bonsai Pot's, Japan
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It’s been about a week now and it’s been tough/hard work in some ways but, I was prepared for it, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s made me a little lazy on the posting front I have to say which I’m sorry for but, I can understand why some Apprentice’s with blog’s don’t post that often.

I made my first purchase today which was a pot. I had been pretty good till now but, I really couldn’t help myself. When I started out in bonsai my focus was always about the tree’s and I wasn’t really interested in the pot’s they were in. Later as I began to understand more about the tree and pot coming together to become one and harmonise (The pot making the tree and vice versa). I started to appreciate them a lot, to the point that I love them just as much as I do the tree’s now.

The pot I’ve bought is a Chinese pot. Chinese pots get a really bad press from all the mass market rubbish that those cheap Chinese elms come in but, if you didn’t know already a huge amount of the trees exhibited in the top shows in Japan are in antique Chinese pots. The Japanese believe if you have a quality old tree you need a quality old pot to put it in which, I totally understand.

The pot I have bought isn’t an antique but, it is a shinto high quality pot which was made in the 60’s. If I remember rightly the Chinese had a surge of making high quality pots around that time up to the 80’s.






I really love the glaze on this pot which, I’ve seen pictures of this kind of glaze in pictures of Chinese pots. The glaze goes all round the bottom of the pot and on the feet which only signifies the effort and quality gone in to the pot. Also the indentation in the bottom of the pot and that it’s not just flat I think is another quality sign.
There is a good amount of patina forming on the pot from the last 50 years or so which really gives it an aged look.
The pot is a real useful size for a large shohin. I don’t have a tape measure handy unfortunately so can’t give exact measurements.
I don’t have any trees lined up for it but, I’m sure it will find a partner at some point. It quite easily could be used with many different types tree’s (maples, elms, flowering tree’s, etc).
I’m unsure how frost resistant it will be in the UK despite it’s quality and I don’t think I would really risk it to be honest. It will be used as an exhibition pot and not as a permanent home for a tree back in the UK.

Theirs a bonsai auction tomorrow, I’m running and I need my beauty sleep.

Thanks for reading.

  1. I started my first bonsai a little over a year ago. I went with something simple, a rosemary. Best of luck to you!

  2. John Trott says:

    Very nice pot John. Remember those words……the colour blue comes in various shades of blue! As Sue would say.

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