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Posted: March 21, 2013 in Shows and Exhibitions
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For my two tree display at the up and coming shohin show I had been allocated a half table size which consisted of a three-foot space. That was until a week last sunday when I was informed that I could have a whole table. This was good news because it should help me to exhibit to a higher potential (space is just as important as content). The only problem was that the jiita/wood slice that I had purchased at the Noelanders trophy to go underneath the cascade stand was too small and would look out-of-place with a larger display.
Finding decent large jiita’s with direction in the UK seem’s to be particularly difficult and the only person I knows who sells anything a long those lines is William (Samurai tools) from the Netherlands. That is who I bought my original slice from at Noelanders.
So, as soon as I got the new’s I was on the internet searching for something larger and more suitable. I felt that Japan was my best option at this point and if I had EMS delivery it should arrive the next week. Looking through Yosho-en’s website I found a suitable candidate. After contacting them I found out that the Jiita I wanted had in fact been sold but, they sent some photo’s of one a similar size and directional movement. It wasn’t as good as the other one but, this was reflected in the price. I thought this one would be ok and suitable so, I agreed to buying it and sent the money.
The package arrived safe and sound just in time yesterday.

New jiita from Japan

New jiita from Japan

First intended Jiita

First intended Jiita

I was going to work on this (sand it and stain it) for the show but, I’ll leave it for another time for now.

The two for comparison

The two for comparison

The size of the large jiita is about 57cm long.

Special thanks to everyone at Yosho-en for their wonderful service.


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